Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Small Update - I'm a paperwork wiz

Josh and I have both been under the weather the last few weeks so we haven't tackled the adoption paperwork like we had hoped to by this point. But fear not my dozen or so followers, we are both feeling better and I am really really good at organizing. I don't think you understand, paperwork is my thing. Not to toot my own horn, but I am like a beautiful mind when it comes to paperwork! (wow, can I sound any dorkier?)

AND it just so happens that one of my best friends is a notary. So in a way, I guess you could say I have my own personal notary. Yeah, I'm kinda a big deal... So we are going to knock this out faster than a jack rabbit on a date.

Today I took the initiative and organized all the paperwork into three sections that Gladney recommended so that it isn't just one big pile of overwhelming messy paperwork that would make me sob like a baby. Instead, it is now a thing of beauty, if I do say so myself. And is sitting pretty on my desk waiting for Josh and I to get after it on Saturday afternoon.

aka "the playbook III"

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  1. That looks beautiful! I'm glad you're both feeling better and will be able to get some jack rabbit happening with the paperwork! ;-)