Thursday, May 15, 2014

First Major Hurdle Down!

Happy Thursday All!

I just got back from sending our initial paperwork via FedEx to our caseworker in New York. Over the last two days I have gone over every paper twice to make sure we didn't miss anything. So fingers crossed that envelope makes its way to the big apple on Monday and I haven't missed anything. I spoke with our caseworker this morning and looks like I may have been an eager beaver on the dossier paperwork. (I requested a few things I know we will need last week, marriage license, birth certificates) But for now I think we just wait while they go over all the paperwork I just sent in. After that, we should be hearing from the person who will be doing our home study to get that all scheduled and going.

AAAHHHHHHH!!!! It's all so exciting and scary at the same time.

I'm not sure if I have any other would be mothers who read this. In my head, I'm pretty sure it is just my mom and a few friends that check this blog out. But if I do have any one who is struggling to become a parent, I wanted to share a text I got from my SIL on Mother's Day. The sentiment applies to you even if you are still trying to conceive, doing fertility treatments or going through the adoption process. We all do things for our children before they are even conceived, born or with us. THAT is what TRUE LOVE is.

It really touched my heart in a way I don't think a single text ever has on a day I have loathed for years. Our daughter may be lucky to have me but she is also lucky that she will have the sweetest, most caring, selfless Aunt who thinks of other people on her own mother's day.

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